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Ingenious DIY Patio Planter Project Uses Everyday Materials

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Ingenious DIY Patio Planter Project Uses Everyday Materials

Bài gửi  dangquang on 15/2/2012, 11:41 pm

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Finding space to install a garden in your modern city home is always a challenge. You can either settle for a tiny windowsill herb garden…or you can get creative. This unexpected solution was created by Annette Guttierez and uses a type of building block that most of us would never think to bed plants in.
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This small wall garden was made using regular 12″ cinder blocks. To avoid creating mortar lines, the blocks are held together with Liquid Nails: a liquid adhesive that can be found at most hardware stores. In the blocks that stick out to showcase their plants, pieces of cinder block were cut to fit and then attached with Liquid Nails to create stable bottoms. The cavities in the blocks were filled with dirt and then planted with hardy, easy-to-care-for succulents.
This project is one that almost anyone could recreate at home. Using different sizes or colors of cinder blocks would allow for a vast array of possibilities. Simply varying the positioning of the blocks could completely transform the look of the planter. Depending on your level of DIY confidence, you could complete this project in an afternoon and still have time to sit down, sip some iced tea and admire your handiwork.
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